Cande's Daycare
6243 Baker st.
Oakland ca, 94608

Home phone:

Cellphone: 510-978-0176
E-mail address:
Licence #: 013421310

Cande's daycare will include healthy organic meals and snacks.
*Primary language spoken to the children will be Spanish.

7:30am to 5:30pm

Activities include:

free play both indoors and outside in our enclosed garden, art, dance, story time, trips to the park, and explorations in the neighborhood.

*I am a social and responsible person that is very loving and playful with the kids.  My experience with children has been raising my three kids and grandson. 

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Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! (If interested in this daycare center, please feel free to contact me and come see Cande's Daycare!) 

Cande's Daycare

Daycare Room

Kid Area

Kid Area

Deck/Kid area

Side view of deck exit/entrance

Backyard Play Area

Snack Area

Play Area

Trained Birds


Play Area
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